Commercial Plumbing

Red Star Plumbing’s offers a full line of commercial plumbing and servicing, provided by experts who are more than equipped to tackle any large or small scale plumbing issue. While we are constantly prepared to handle any emergency plumbing issue your business may have, we also encourage preventive utility maintenance. Preventive maintenance is specifically crucial for most areas of commercial plumbing to ensure that blockages or damages do not build up before permanent damage affects your business.

Commercial Services

  • Drain Cleaning

    No matter how large or small the damage is, any type of blockage ranging from dirt, debris, or organic buildup in your commercial drain or sewer is can seriously affect the efficiency of your business. As spotless drains and sewers are essential for day-to-day productivity at any company, give us a call for even the smallest of blockages to prevent any pipes from bursting.

  • Underground Leak and Line Locating

    Leaking, collapsed, or broken pipelines can be caused by a number of factors whether it be shifting soil conditions or deteriorating from heavy wear. As you may know, damaged pipelines can restrict water flow or allow water to flood surrounding areas, causing potential permanent damage and ensured havoc for your company. Our state of the art utility locater can identify and detect underground metallic, cast iron, or non metallic pipes and ducts without expensive and sometimes disruptive digging.

  • Hydro Jetting

    Without the use of harsh wires or chemicals, hydro jetting is a preventive maintenance that breaks apart stubborn clogs or heavy buildup in your drains. By using scalding hot water, Red Star Plumbing can use this power washing device to penetrate or emulsify grease, pulverize roots, or eradicate any sludge or debris that is blocking your drain.

  • Pipe Lining, Repair and Replacement

    Cracked, broken, or root invested pipes or sewers can seriously damage your commercial or residential pipelines. Our no-dig solution entails repairing the damaged pipe or sewer by creating a pipe within a pipe using non-hazardous epoxy material which guarantees a seamless, durable and affordable fix.

  • Trenchless Pipe Replacement

    If your business needs a pipe replacement, but you aren’t keen on having your lot dug up, look no further. Our trenchless technology allows us to replace your pipe in a hasty manner by only drilling a few holes. This allows us to efficiently determine where the problem is and deal with it without uprooting your surrounding landscape.

  • Backflow Protection

    To protect your distribution pipes from reversed backwash of water, dirt, or other undesired substances, call us to examine and test your backflow meter! As this checkup is required once a year for commercial businesses, we are available to come in to do a annual quick check-up that could save you the stress.

  • Video Camera Line Inspections

    Becoming increasingly more essential to the plumbing business, video camera line inspection gives us an exact idea of what is preventing flow in your pipes or drains. One of our professionals would insert a malleable rod with a high resolution video camera on it that can travel down and bend through your drains, giving us a real time recording of exactly what and where the blockages or damages are so there is no guessing involved!

  • Grease Trap and Liquid Waste Pumping

    When you run a commercial business, especially a local restaurant, it’s essential to keep your grease trap functioning at top notch efficiency at all times. Grease and oil can build up quickly into stubborn sludge that will flow through and eventually block your water system, potentially causing permanent damage. OC Plumping professionally vacuums and hauls out any liquid waste out of septic tanks, sand pits, grease traps and more to ensure a healthy and clean water system for your work environment.

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